Saturday, 24 March 2018

Courgette Risotto with Edamame Beans

A quick way to get a tasty risotto without any stirring in a pot.
The risotto gets wonderfully creamy and does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

The solution to a quick midweek meal without much hassle and some free time is my Thermomix.
It makes great risottos and you do not taste and see a difference to the ones you stir in a pot.

The first step was to grate the cheese. Just drop the amount of cheese you want in medium cubes in the machine, close the lid and in 12 seconds on speed 8 you have your cheese. When you want it a bit finer, just increase the speed and the time. Fill it in a bowl and set aside.
Normally you have to wash the cheesy remains out of the pot, but I just put in cubes of courgette to get grated too. That way it cleans the pot as it goes. You only need 5 seconds on speed 6 and then fill it in a bowl of later.

Now the TM31 was more or less clean and I added the garlic cloves and the rough chopped spring onions to give it 4 seconds on speed 5. I pushed it down in the pot with my spatula and added the first half of the butter. On Varoma and speed 1 I sauted that for 3 minutes.
I added the washed risotto rice and gave it on 100 C 2 more minutes on left drive. That way the rice does not get mushed. The  I added the wine and waited for 2 more minutes.

Heat up the edamame beans and shell them and season them with a little salt.

In the meantime I heated up my water and made a beef stock. I poured it in the TM31, just leaving about 10 % back for later.
Cooking on 100 C for 22 minutes on left drive and cooking spoon.
After 12 minutes the shredded courgette went in and cooked until the end.

Cut off the heat and through the hole in the lid get the butter, some pepper and some of the cheese in. Stiring constantly for 2 minutes. Add the beans.
Open the lid and pour it on some plates, you can add the cheese on top or just stir  it in before serving.  

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