Saturday, 17 March 2018

St.Patrick´s Day Food

Happy St.Patrick´s Day to all you Irish folks and all other who love to celebrate this date.

I am a huge fan and celebrate it when I have the chance. A green sweater in the closet comes out on this day too. It is freezing here again after we had a week with a bit of spring feeling. But the Russian whip came back with lots of snow and icy wind gusts.

The breakfast started not with a full Irish breakfast, but with a ripe avocado on toasts and 2 poached eggs. A good way to start the day. Some green tea went with it.

Can you eat a vegan St.Patrick´s meal???  Yes, you can.

I am going out tonight to a Turkish restaurant and I checked the menu online already. I know what I will eat tonight and that is lamb. So I wanted something light and meatless for lunch.
It turned out vegan and was very tasty.

recipe for 1:
1/2 cup short grain rice
2 bay leaves
4 small spring onions
1/2 medium courgette
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp Zaatar
1/2 tsp sumac
1/2 tsp Baharat
salt and pepper

1 bunch basil
1 bunch Japanese spinach
2 tbsp pine nuts
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper
1 tsp mango vinegar

Cook the rice with the bay leaves and the white ends of the spring onions.
Make the coarse dressing in a little blender.
Marinate the courgette slices.
In a wide pan cook the courgette discs and the spring onions together until done.
Place the rice on a plate and put most of the dressing on top.
Add the veggies and drizzle the rest over.  Enjoy!

As a dessert I prepared the German famous woodruff jelly. The taste is not known in other areas. Fresh woodruff is found in the forests here sometimes and it is very strong in smell and taste and it is slightly poisonous. It contains a little amount of cumarin. Nothing of this is in the dessert, it is made with aromas that have not seen any fresh plant.
The green stuff is not made with water but with a combination of apple juice and water, that makes a different taste.
I serve it always with vanilla custard.
The bowl is a Villeroy& Boch glass dish in black. I put a chunk of jelly in and it was literally gone in the black dish. I thought about taking an other dish. Then I tried adding a little custard and it worked.

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