Monday, 14 May 2018

Curacao Style Peanut Chicken

I wanted to recreate the lunch from Kokos Beach Restaurant in Jan Thiel since I came back from Curacao.
It is a dish that has many ingredients and I wanted to cook it together with my friends. Lots of prep work, divided on 3 people made it a lot easier.
Finally last Saturday we came together and made it as the main course of our meal.

I went a little different and changed some ingredients, but it worked fine and tasted very delicious. The style is Indonesian cooking. That is not so uncommon, because the Netherlands were as traders on various islands in Indonesia.

Recipe for 4:
4 chicken thighs
200 g mungo been noodles
1 red onion
1 white onion
3 spring onions
3 celery stalks
2 red bell peppers
1 yellow bell pepper
2 medium cooked potatoes
150 g salted roasted peanuts
50 g whole pistaccios
80 g breadcrumbs
1 tsp chili flakes
5 tbsp ketchup manis (sweet soy sauce)
60 ml white wine
Salt, pepper
Mild Java curry
3 tbsp canola oil
1 lime
Coriander greens

Debone and skin the chicken thighs and cut them into smaller pieces. Save the skin and press it down on baking paper, season it and let it get crunchy under a grill in the oven.

In a small blender mix peanuts, breadcrumbs and chili and make a coarse mix.
Season the chicken with salt and pepper and toss in the peanut mix.
Cook in a bit of oil on medium heat until nearly done. Set aside.

Chop all veggies and fry them in the same pan. Add a bit of curry powder and season.
Add half of the Ketchup Manis.

Get the noodles into a bowl and soak them in hot water for 3 min, drain and cut them into short strips.

Use the big pan and bring everything together and heat it up again
 Add the rest of the sauce and a little veg stock or water.
Finish with lime juice and coriander and some whole peanuts and pistaccios.

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