Saturday, 12 May 2018

Lime and Mint Parfait

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest from the German food magazine "Essen und Trinken" / Eat & Drink.

It is a great way to prepare most of the dessert ahead of time and just finish it a couple of minutes before serving. This time you need for that is the time the parfait needs to soften after you pulled it out of the freezer.

Lime and Mint are a great combination to serve on a hot day, it cools everybody down so quickly.
To prepare it you will need a strong arm to beat the parfait mix over a bain marie for 10- 15 minutes. It is your work out ahead of eating a lovely dessert a couple of hours later.

recipe for a 6:
4-5 organic limes - you will need all the zest, but only 100 ml of juice
180 g sugar
50 ml water
3 medium eggs
5 tbsp brown rum
250 ml double cream
a pinch of salt
3 stalks fresh mint
4 tbsp dessicated coconut
2 tbsp creme de Menthe liqueur ( I used Sirop de Menthe and Vodka)
a bit of oil for the dish and cling film

Wash and dry the limes and over a micro blade get the zest off.
Squeeze out the juice until you have 100 ml.
Put that with the water and the sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 5 min. Put through a fine sieve and press out the zest.
Cool down a bit.

Use the same saucepan filled with 1/3 of water, bring to a boil and set a heatproof bowl on top.
In a small bowl crack the eggs and beat them well.
Add the lime syrup to the large bowl and be sure that the water does not reach the bottom of it.
Add the eggs and start to beat with a whisk until your arm falls nearly off and you have a foamy and  creamy consistency.
Put the bowl into a bowl with ice water and beat until the foam gets cold.
In a kitchen machine beat the double cream to soft peaks. Mix with the lime mix.

Oil the freezer dish and place the clingfilm in, pour the parfait mix is. Close the lid and put it into the freezer over night.

Topping can be made just before serving. In a small blender give coconut, mint leaves, and alcohol a short blitz and put it on top the sliced parfaits to serve.

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