Friday, 27 October 2017

Ramen - now a lunchtime favourite

Since my trip to Japan I love a good bowl of Ramen.

We have a huge Asian Supermarket here in town since mid of October and I went there 2 days after the Grandopening. They sell a huge variety of ingredients from all Asian countries. You go through the Korean part, the Japanese part, the Chinese part and you will find lots of Thai food. I haven´t checked if they sell things from smaller Asian countries, I was so overwhelmed from the showcased goods. They have long frozen sections with all kinds of dumplings, seafood, mochis and so on. The only thing that is not so big is the fresh section with veg and fruits. But they are still building in the shop, so I hope there will be more.

The offer of Instant Noodles is huge and all countries are there. But I was looking for dried noodles, not the fried instant ones. The selection is big too. I bought a package with 2 servings of Ramen and some soup stock to try.

2 servings dried Ramen Noodles with soup stock
400 ml chicken stock
spring onions
pak choy
red bell pepper
3 g Wakame seaweed
1 softboiled egg, marinated in soy and mirin
3 pieces of grilled Porkbelly

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