Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Serving Food on a Spoon- Part 3

It may sound boring, but there are so many ways to prepare food and present it.
When we were working in the kitchen, we came up with many more ideas to take the challenge up to an other level.
The spoon has to show all different aspects of one dish, that means the sauce has to be prepared to perfection, even if you use just a tiny part of it on the spoon. So does the meat or the fish. It has to be cooked as if you cook for an entire family gathering. But you have to downsize it while you prepare it.

I think, we will try our hand on preparing spoons in the future again and you will see more of it here.

The eighth spoon contained the favourite food of many people - Hot Dogs!

Fresh baked Hot Dog rolls, cut in the middle and filled halved mini wieners that were cut up 4  times on one side and baked in the pan to form a flower, stuffed into the bread. The sauce was made with ketchup and curry powder to resemble German Curry Wurst. The bread was then sprinkled with some curry powder to up the taste. Sitting on a bit of Pak Chow green and some radish cress to garnish.
When you stuffed that all in one go into your mouth, it was a flavour explosion.

For the ninth spoon the work was getting even more fiddly. We made Lasagna.
I used the rest of the beef tartar and cooked it in some olive oil until brown. We had left over tomato sauce from the Pizza Margarita and mixed these two together.

Now measure a bechamel sauce ready to go onto 3 spoons! Yeah - that is kind of difficult.
I started with half a teaspoon of butter and cook in half a tsp of flour. When is was getting pasty on one side of the pan, I added 2 tsp of milk a bit after the other, nutmeg, a kernel of salt and a bit of white pepper and 1 tsp of creamy goat cheese to finish it.
The lasagna pasta sheet had to be cooked before we used it. We cooked one sheet and in the end needed 1/5th of it. I ate the rest of the pasta sheet with the a lot of the upper Bologna sauce in the evening for dinner.

The best kitchen helper for missions like this are a pair of tweezers. It makes the handling of mini food items a lot easier then using your fingers.

When we finished stacking the lasagna and adding a little Parmesan  on top, they went into the oven for 3 minutes to warm up again.

Now the savoury part of our cooking experience was over and we turned to dessert.

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