Monday, 30 October 2017

Serving Food on a Spoon - Part 2

After we had started our work with 4 spoons, the amount of work increased.

We had a homemade Strudel dough and it was spread out very thin. Hot Chorizo sausage in a small row was laid out on the dough. That made 4 cigars of strudel that baked in the oven at 200 C for 10 minutes.

Some Strudel was deep fried and the rest was use for a dessert spoon to come.

The fifth spoon was filled with 2 pieces if the Chorizo cigars and a dipping sauce was served with it.
I came up with a fusion kitchen idea and served these with Sweet Chili Sauce -- so good!
In the end we cheated and had a lot more pieces of the Chorizo cigars.

I had cooked three 2 inch long yellow potatoes. For the next 3 spoons I used half of one potato, cut into tiny cubes and sauted in a pan in a little oil. In the end, I did not even used up all my prepared potato cubes.

The sixth spoon showed one prawn on a bed of tiny roasted poatoes, dressed with a sauce made from creme fraiche and Gochujang chili sauce. A piece of deep fried Strudel dough sat behind it.

The seventh spoon brought back childhood memories: Königsberger Klopse  - or Meatballs from Kaliningrad. Königsberg was a German East Prussian Territory until the end of WWII.
The meat is usually mínced veal, or beef and pork mixed with a bit of anchovis, breadcrumbs, herbs made into small meatballs (Klopse) and simmered in a water and vinegar broth. This broth is then used to make the white sauce based on a roux and with lemon juice, capers and egg yolk.

We used just sausage meat simmered in beef stock, a little roux and lemon juice and 6 capers added.
The potato wedges came from half a 5 cm potato and we still had a bit left over.

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