Sunday, 29 October 2017

Serving Food on a Spoon - Part 1

We have a TV series in Germany that is named "The Taste".
4 chefs and 5 contestants in each group fight for the title of the best. In each episode, just the food served on a spoon is assessed by the jurors. This was a former ABC show in the USA.

The TV series is in its 5th season now. I rarely watched it over the years, because some of the chefs are not my favourite ones and the episodes are way too late into my bedtime.
I just watched one episode a couple of days ago and that inspired me to cook food for a spoon. My friends came over and the 3 of us gave it a try.

It was a absolutely new experience. Our hands started to tremble when we put the tiny ingredients on the spoon. It had to be carried from the kitchen to an other room to take the photos, that let some on the beautifully arranged food items collapse.

My friend came over with a huge basket full of items to use, I had a whole table full of usable food items and we both dreamt about the huge walk in pantries they have in the shows.
An already risen yeasty dough was in a bowl ready to be made into different tiny rolls, medium sized baguette and some triangles to be deep fried and a small bread.

During that time I started my first course spoon:
Beef Tartar with tiny Eggplants on a baked purple Vitolette potato slice and some balsamic reduction.

The second spoon was filled with a seared scallop on a fresh made Kroepoek and some black pearl rice and lemon dressed samfire or sea asparagus.

The third spoon showed one of my favourite dishes: a 4 cm disc of Tarte flambé from the Alsace region of France.

The forth spoon was filled with a 4 cm disc of Pizza Margarita with homemade tomato sauce, some buffalo mozzarella and a bit of basil.

I would have loved to eat a lot more of this tiny morsels, but just one per person was the deal of the day. But for one of my next parties with finger food, some of these spoons will have a comeback.

The rest of the beef tartar meat went into the pan to be seared for the lasagne later.
I cooked 2 purple and 3 small yellow potatoes in the morning, 1 1/2 purple and 1 1/2 yellow potaotes went into some hash browns the next day.

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