Saturday, 21 April 2018

Asparagus Risotto with Prawns on skewers

We finally reached German asparagus season, yeah! This year started very late because Februar and March have been uncommonly cold. Then after my trip to Italy I dived into eating the white or green veggies.
I had white asparagus twice and made a risotto from the green ones today.

The stalks were on the thin side. I only cooked 2/3 of the stalks without the tips in the rice. The others went into a pan with the asparagus tips to brown a bit and get that nutty taste. I had no bottle of white wine on hand so I used some white vermouth and a but of chicken stock for the first round of cooking.

The protein part of the dush beside the cheese and butter were frozen raw prawns.
I defrosted them in a bowl of cold water, skewered them and made a marinate to brush them.  I set up my electric grill on the balcony and put them on for 5 min.

Prepare the risotto and put the skewered prawns on the grill.

Recipe for 2
200 g defrosted raw prawns
1 tsp olive oil and sesaning for prawns and chili flakes
125 g caneroli rice
1 large spring onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp butter to saute
3 tbsp Noilly prat + 5 tbsp chicken stock
400 ml chicken stock
400 g green asparagus
60 g pecorino cheese

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