Friday, 13 April 2018

Pizza in Amalfi

The Golf of Salerno with the coast of Amalfi is one of the most famous parts of Italy. On a trip of 50 km you have to pass 1200 curves. The road winds along the high coastline and through very tiny villages.

Doing this on board of a 12 m long tour bus is no fun for the driver and often not fir the passengers who sit on the cliff side and in the first rows.

When we reached Amalfi, the main point of interest, we took a trip on a small boat and looked on all the noble hotels and the villas of the stars ( Sophia Loreen, Gina Lollibridgida, Kennedys and other.
Then we had freetime to check out the city and get some food.

Like in all most frequented  tourist areas, food is expensive and rarely better than average. Knowing that, I went up the main road leading out of the city and it got quieter. Less tourists and mostly Italians.
On the side of a black sandy beach were some tables high on the promenade and what people had on their plates looked good.

We wanted something traditional and ordered

Huge, great taste with a heaping amount of fresh mozzarella. We paid 6€ per pizza. Half of the price down at the piazza and a lot bigger.

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