Sunday, 8 April 2018

Once again eating out in the Greek Taverne

A sunny evening and great company calls for an dinner in an awesome place.

I went with a good friend to the same Taverne I was last year. I hoped food and service was still as good. That is something that can change so fast. I had often bad experiences when I went to a restaurant again after a couple of month. The owners changed or they had a new kitchen staff and the menu changed. These things often lead to a lesser quality in food. I try not to recommend restaurants to other people, when I haven´t been there in the last 2 month.

But not here. The Ela Taverne had its door wide open and guests were greeted very friendly. We sat right by the window and had all the view to the taverne. Nicely spaced tables and white and light blue interior.

I ordered my favourite Greek wine, a very cold Retsina. It is so special and goes great with all the food items.

At first we ordered 8 meze dishes. They started with the cold ones. A red pepper and sheep milk cheese cream, then a chickpea cream that was very different from the oriental hummus you will get in other cuisines. Pure chickpeas, seasoned and mixed with olive oil. No lemon juice, no tahini paste and no garlic. Very unusual to me, but very tasty. The creams were each topped with a deep fried purple sweet potato chip.

Then we had goatcheese with herbs and olive oil and a plate of grilled Haloumi cheese. So good.

Two Soufflaki skewers followed, very juicy pork and a bit of oregano and red onions as a garnish.
Two pork meatballs topped with a slice of tomato and a baked cheese cream followed.

Then our two seafood dishes arrived. So succulent prawns cooked in a feta tomato sauce with some garlic and a grilled piece of octopus arm on warm chickpea cream.

We were finished then with our 8 meze dishes and wanted to end the evening with some dessert.
That is not on the menu, you have to ask the waiter whats the specials of the day.
There were 3 of them. We ordered all of them, why not.

A semolina pudding with some chocolate and topped with vanilla pudding and walnuts.
A curd with vanilla and Amareno cherries.
An angelhair pasta with a smooth chocolate mousse on top.

Some Ouzo on the house came then and was appreciated.

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