Saturday, 14 April 2018

Food in Sicily

My Italy trip brought me over to Sicily again. I was here 13 month ago and loved the food. Several blogs about are already up.
This time I am staying here only 2 nights, arrived and left by overnight ferry.

The group tour offered a dinner arrangement and we ate at the hotel in the evening.

We stayed in a hotel were tour busses are the main guest groups. 4 busses and the dining hall was loud to deafening. Italians are on the louder site when in groups of more then 1. Lol.

We had as Primo the pasta dishes.
Maccaroni with Ragu and short pasta with pesto the other night.

Secondo was the first night thin Schnitzel from pork and the other night Chicken skewers.
The veggie was served first on a plate for the table and was getting cold until the meat arrived.

The evening dinner ended with desserts.

Not bad for Hotel food.

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