Thursday, 7 September 2017

Bunny Chow

This is a special dish from South Africa. I came across it on my trip there but I did not prepare it until now.

There is a bit of history to this dish. It was invented by the Indian ethnic group living in South Africa in the city of Durban in 1940. The Indians were brought to the country to work in the sugar cane industry. South Africa was under Apartheit and the non white races were not allowed to go to restaurants. They could not carry cutlery like knifes and so they came up with hollowed out bread to carry the dish and eat it that way. Indian curry was vegetarian in the beginning and sold out of back doors from restaurants to people who were excluded. Later the curries were made with meat too.  Today you would call that Take-Out.

My curry has a lot of veggies in and the protein source is turkey breast. I made it the Japanese way, because I love their style of curry and the leftovers can be eaten with shortgrain rice. And I have some blocks of Curry Roux sitting in the cupboard.

1 loaf of white bread
350 g turkey breast strips
1 onion
2 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
1 knob of ginger
1 10 cm piece of leek
2 carrots
1/5 celeriac
4 medium potatoes
800 ml chicken stock
4 cubes of curry roux
2 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp Worchester sauce
salt and pepper
2 tbsp oil

Peel and chop all the veggies. Season the meat with salt and pepper.
In the oil start the meat until it is no longer pink, add onions and garlic and give it 3 more minutes.
Add all other veg, stir and add the chicken stock. Bring to a boil and cook for 15 minutes.
Chop the roux into small chunks, this way they dissolve much faster.
Stir and cook for 10 minutes until the broth thickens.

For a final touch add ketchup, Worchester sauce and soy sauce.
Cut the bread into half, hollow out the middle and fill in the curry.

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