Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sitting in a Beer Garden

I was out in the countryside and met with lots of people from my former office. 80 % are now retired and it was fun to see them again after a long time.
Our meeting spit was an old beer garden that is attached to a horse farm. The chestnut trees gave some shade. We were lucky and had late summer weather.

In most beer gardens there is no service at the table. You go outside to the side of the kitchen and order your food. In this place you get a pager to pick up your food when it is ready.
On an other spot you order your beverages and take them back to your place after paying them.
I had a German classic. FLEISCHKÄSE topped with fried egg and some steakhouse fries with a pot of wholegrain mustard.
It was a huge portion and I left over a hand full of fries.

Others had Bratwurst or Cooked Cheese or Schnitzel. Everybody was satisfied.

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