Saturday, 2 September 2017

Making use of lots of tomatoes

This week started the main harvest time of my tomatoes and chilis. Just eating them when they are picked from the vine is not longer an option. Even my coworkers are not longer excited to eat so much tomatoes every day.

I love caprese salads, but not everyday! I have now 10 freezer bags filled with double portions of tomato sauce for the next season and there will be more.

Last night when I came home, picked an other bowl off the vines, I used to big yellow and orange striped ones to make melted tomatoes over pasta.

Soo good and so fresh.  Just  use a spring onion and a bit of garlic and cut the tomatoes into bite size pieces. Heat good quality olive oil, but not to hight and melt the tomates in it. Pour over pasta and grate some cheese on top. A bit of fresh ground black pepper and you are good to go and enjoy.

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