Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Entrecote and herb butter

A huge piece of Entrecote is waiting for me. I checked the label outside to see the weight and saw 468 g. The first thing I did was secure the meat with some kitchen twine to make sure it wont fall apart. The next move was to get my meat thermometer out of the tool drawer.

But first things first. The herb butter.
No one can say I lack fresh herbs on my balcony. I went outside with some scissors and made a cut all round me. I selected the best and washed and dried it on kitchen paper.

Room temperature butter was waiting too. I used an ice cube tray and put the finished butter inside, that way I can use individual blocks and place them on the meat and the potatoes.

Boiling just a small amount of potatoes in a pot makes no sense. I stabbed them with a fork and placed them in the microwave for 10 min at 800 watts. Done.

The veggie side of the dish is Baby spinach. Just a small onion and a bit of garlic sauteed in oil and the spinach on top with some salt, pepper and nutmeg. Easy peasy!

I oiled the entrecote after I put some salt on it. No pepper, because that will burn and turn bitter. I used a cast iron griddle pan and had the meat on each side in the pan for 3 min on high heat.
I turned my little oven to 150 C and placed the entrecote with the temperature probe in.
I love my steaks at 58 C. Out it went and covered resting on a warm plate for 5 min.

Now I am looking forward to about 270 g of leftover entrecote to use up this week.

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