Saturday, 9 September 2017

Flammkuche - a speciality from Alsasse France

I was out eating once again. This time I was nicely surprised about the quality of the food. The restaurant Flambée is not very far from here and a couple of years doing business. It was the first time I stepped inside.

It has an a bit simple interior and you sit at wooden slabs on stilts as tables and on wooden two seats without backrests. When the room is filled with people it will get loud.

Flammkuche is a very thin piece of bread dough, thinner than the regular pizza crust. The bakers in Alsasse used this thin slab of bread dough to test their wood fired ovens. When the crust burned, the oven was too hot, when it did not brown then they needed to fire up the oven again.
Someone came up with the idea to spread some creme fraiche, onion and bacon bits on top before the slab of dough went into the oven.

We had 3 different kinds of Flammkuche and they all were good.

One was with creme fraiche, Emmenthal cheese, bacon and onions.
One was with creme fraiche, Chicken breast, pineapple and curry sauce
Mine was with creme fraiche, spinach, French sheep cheese, oregano

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