Sunday, 12 November 2017

Dinner at Käfer Rooftop Restaurant in Berlin

The dome of the Reichstag is a special place in Berlin. You are on top of the legislature and you have the overview over parliament and the central area of Berlin.

On top of this amazing place is a Restaurant " Käfer Rooftop Restaurant". Fine dining in a wonderful surrounding. It is a great location.
Sitting at a window side table is marvellous. But you can see the chefs in the open kitchen too.

Having a multi course meal is the art of fine dining.
If you know Bob Ross and his "Joy of Painting", eating here should be known as the "Joy of Eating".

It started with a cocktail made with tangerine, vanilla and sparkling wine and some bread varieties. 4 dips with truffle butter and cream cheese with chives, red pepper and curry.

The amuse bouche were some colourful micro herbs sitting on top 2 slices stained deer filet, espuma with ground pistachios and some jam .

The next course was a autumnal soup:
Creamy Hokkaido pumpkin soup with goat cheese, curry cashews and Austrian green pumpkin seed oil.

The entree was:
a nice plate of Barbery Duck breast, duck liver sauce, parsley oil, pumpkin puree,  red & yellow beetroot and Golden Delicious apples.

As a dessert came a plate with a couple of stones, well they looked like pebbles out of a river but contained a thyme  and lemon balm sorbet, Hazelnut and chocolate ice cream. Dressing in lime and basil cream with some fresh redvein dock leaves.
It looked a bit drab with grey and brown "stones", but the surprise was on the inside.

The evening ended with coffee and a couple of chocolate truffles.
Looking forward to an other visit at Käfer Rooftop Restaurant.

This was a food story from a good friend who went there this weekend and sent me all the pics and food details and was excited about her evening there. She made me feel as I was eating there with her.

This was a new way for me to write a blog.
This way it saved me a lot of calories and money.
When I am in Berlin in the future, this will be a place to stop by.

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