Thursday, 30 November 2017

Eating out on Curacao, Part 2

I went out for dinner.
When you are on the island of Curacao, the first thing that pops in your head is the blue liqueur.
I wanted to start my evening with a Blue Lagoon.

The bar ran out on this stuff! Can you imagine?
I had a green Lagoon instead. The liqueur comes in various colours, like the famous blue, but in green, red and yellow too.

Blue Lagoon is a mix of Blue Curacao, Vodka and Sprite.

The green version was a bit too sweet for my taste, but when all the ice cubes in the drink melted, it was ok.

As a starter I ate the soup of the day. Soup eating in sweltering 29 C is a great idea. I should have better started with a bowl of salad.
The soup was named Pumpkin soup with a variety of green herbs.
The soup that came just had a light orange colour and a very light pumpkin taste and was a bit watery for my taste. The greens sat on top, finely shredded. I identified chives and parsley and some unkown greens.
These were the ones who gave the soup a very special flavour. First I could not pinpoint it. An aniseseed like flavour, a bit lit chervil but more like licorice.
The soup should have been a bit thicker and the herbs a bit better balanced.

My entree was a grilled Hamburger with french fries, a little side salad and Dutch Mayonaise.

Very good beef, grilled outside to perfection and nearly rare on the inside.
It tasted very good, even if rare beef is regularly not my favourite.

For dessert I had some watermelon with yogurt, but  not in the restaurant, but in my apartment.

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