Monday, 27 November 2017

Grocery Shopping in a local Supermarket in Jan Thiel ,Curacao

I live in an one bedroom apartment in a lush holiday resort with lots of bungalows and small apartment houses. The kitchen is compact and I have to learn to manage the guessable ceramic hob, which has no longer any markings around the 2 knobs.
To get some food and beverages it is not very far to walk to the local supermarket at Papagayo Beach Hotel. But carrying heavy bottles is no fun and I use my rental car.

The new shopping bag was very handy

The market caters to many foreign tourists, there are so many apartments all over the area. The meat, fish and fruit sections are rather small and when you check the labels of origin of the products, you will see that the island is mostly barren. I only food I found are local milk and eggs.
Most of the fruits and veg are from Brazil and Venezuela. All chicken meat I saw is from Brazil.

The offerings are meager in many places, but there is enough beer and wine and other spirits to make most peoples holidays the best. I do not belong to that group.

Lots of dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and butter are imported either directly from the Netherlands and sometimes from then US. That makes them very expensive.

The bottled water comes from Spa in Belgium.
I am going to prepare some fresh salad with some hamburger patty as lunch today. I bought all the trimmings this morning.

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