Monday, 11 December 2017

I made a low fuss version of Haianese Chicken Rice

I love the Singaporean dish of Haianese Chicken Rice, but that takes a lot of effort to make the chicken perfectly right and prepare the tasty rice.

I used up some of my chicken breast I had left over from the weekend and used the stock I prepared with the carcass. The stock was already good on its own, but I reduced it about 30 % to intensify the taste. I used the same method to make the rice more tasty by sauteing fresh ginger and garlic in duck fat and adding the rice to it. After a couple of minutes the reduced stock went in and the rice started to cook. After a couple of minutes I reduced the heat to very low and let the rice absorb all the stock.

The chicken breast was very tender and was just reheated in some more stock.

The dish was served with a salad of carrot noodles with lemon juice, lemon olive oil, lemon pepper and black Hawaiian salt.

A bit of sweet chili sauce finished the whole meal.

If you do not have time for the signature dish of Singapore, prepare something like this and you will enjoy a good lunch.

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