Monday, 4 December 2017

Lunch at Kokos Beach

Today is Sunday and I was a bit lazy to cook lunch. I drove around the eastern part of the island in the morning, bought a couple of light things to give to my friends at a local superstore. I did not find anything at all that was made on the island of Curacao. They import at least 80 % of all their goods from other countries. More than half of it comes directly from the Netherlands. It does not make sense to give this as gifts to my friends, I opted for some stuff from Venezuela.

When I came back it was time to look for lunch. I went to the KOKOS Beach near by. You can rent day beds there and get your drinks or ice cream served there.
They have a very small lunch menu.

I went for chicken with rice noodles and peanuts. It came in a high paper container with chop sticks.

Crushed peanuts mixed with breadcrumbs and some dried chili flakes on top.
Chicken in small pieces, fried and coated in the crushed mix.
Some green and red peppers, whole peanuts, red onion and white onion half rings, spring onion, celery stick and some kind of cubed root vegetable- may be manioc, potatoes will work too.
The rice noodles were cut into 1 inch pieces, cooked and then stir fried.
The sauce was the typical Indonesian Ketjap manis.

I will definitely make that at home, with a good amount of more chicken.

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