Sunday, 28 January 2018

Burrata with melted Tomato

Lidl had Italian Week.

They sold the good stuff this time. Buffalo mozzarella and Burrata.
These plastic containers with water and a packed stuff on the inside did not invite lots of people to buy it. A huge amount was still sitting in the refrigerator isle. This type of cheese is more or less unkown here. When you buy it at an Italian supermarket, you pay a good amount of money for it.

Using the Burrata in a warm dish was one option, eating it on its own an other.
I decided to give the cheese a chance and eat it cold. For that I needed something to go with it.
Caprese salad always comes to my mind when I have a cheese like Mozzarella.
This is a variation of a classic dish.

1 Burrata cheese
1 medium tomato
balsamic glaze
lovage pesto with some olive oil
finely chopped cucumber
Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

First grate the Parmesan. I did it very rough with little chunks in it. That makes a more coarse chip.
Put it on baking paper and place it into the oven at 175 C for 7 min.

Take it out and cut the tomato cross wise on top and brush some olive oil on top. Place in the oven at 190 C until soften. Peel away the skin.

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