Thursday, 11 January 2018

Salmon with Japanese Eggplant

My local supermarket sold long thin Japanese eggplants yesterday. I was intrigued because I did not eat them before. They seemed a good side to my salmon steak.
To cook the eggplant, I went strait into the Japanese style. All flavours for fish, veg and rice came from the same country.

Most eggplants should be treated with salt and rested before further preparation, I did not have time for it. I just seasoned them and put the into hot oil for a couple of minutes. They did not soak up all the oil as other eggplants do. After I turned them twice, I added soy sauce and mirin and they caramelized in the pan.

The salmon steak was seasoned with a spicy Japanese seasoning Shishumi Tougarashi and white pepper. A sliced spring onion added the green to the dish. Just a rice cooker and a big pan, that is all you need.

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