Saturday, 6 January 2018

White Sausage for a Bavarian breakfast

When you have a short visit with a friend you haven´t seen since 2002, you do your best to give him the best breakfast you can think of. Especially when he is very lactose intolerant.
He is from the dairy state of Wisconsin.

When I talked about breakfast during the planning state of his short lay over at Frankfurt Airport on his way to Ethiopia, he reminded me of his problem.

The offer of hot sausages and fresh pretzels sounded intriguing to him.  The sweet mustard that goes with the sausages was completely new and surprisingly tasty to him.
Many foreigners are not so keen to have a very sweet mustard with any kind of sausage and turn to the more spicy mustard.
As a good host does, I served the breakfast with the usual coffee and orange juice, but the bottles of beer were on the table too. The ones of the non alcoholic variety.

I picked my friend up at the airport and we went to my place. The Bavarian breakfast was a success.

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