Saturday, 13 January 2018

German Pancake with apple compote

In the US people would call that something like a Dutch Baby Pancake. But that is made in a cast iron skilled and smaller than a usual pan so if puffs up nicely.

Mine is a standard German pancake. Instead of flipping it and finishing it in the pan completely I chucked it in the oven under an hot grill.
The batter was made an hour before I used it. I have a very intense day of kitchen work today, because I have friends over tonight. So between preparing some veg in the oven after the bread came out, I mixed the batter and kept it one the side for later.
When I finished the salad,  I turned the grill in the oven up to broil and made my pancake.

It was served with chunks of apple compote and some maple syrup.

recipe for 1 large pancake:
3 large free range eggs
5 tbsp flour
1 pinch of salt
1 tsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
200 ml whole milk
3 tbsp butter
apple compote
Maple syrup

Mix eggs with flour, salt, sugar and baking powder until creamy. Loosen with the milk and beat well. Rest for 30 minutes minimum.
Heat the butter on medium heat until foamy, pour in the batter and wait until then bottom gets done and takes a little colour. I use a wide 26 cm pan, the pancake does not rise that much in the oven later.

Put the pan into the oven under the grill at 200 C and wait until it puffs up and browns.
Serve with compote and syrup.

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