Saturday, 15 July 2017

Friday Night Pizza - Dining out

Pizza with Tyrolean Speck and strong mountain cheese and fresh mushrooms.

Doesn´t that sound good?

In an other part of the city were I live, I went with my friend and her Mom to their favourite pizza parlor. Just a 6 minutes drive away. We thought that getting a parking space would be a problem as they had usually, but we parked the car right in front of the door with more free spaces near by.
Well we have summer holiday season, but not so many people are out of town that the Italian bistro, as it calls itself, should be only half full at 7 pm on a Friday night.

We ordered our Pizza, 2 MIX and my Tyrolean and something to drink. That was the last time we saw the boss lady for that evening. She left.

The pizza came and was not cut into wedges. I love to eat pizza with my fingers and I took the knife and tried to cut it myself. The bottom was hard and not easy to cut, especially with a blunt knife. My friends Mom had to hold on to my plate, otherwise it was not possible to cut the pizza.
I looked for the cheese and found none on first view, but then in the middle a 10x10 cm slice of melted something. On a 28 cm pizza, that was a tiny amount. Mountain cheese is usually a strong cheese that has a good intense taste. My cheesy part of the pizza was tasteless. All around that piece of cheese the pizza was dry as cardboard. The mushrooms were dried out, there was not a drop of olive oil on the pizza. The Tyrolean speck (bacon) was tasty.

When the boss lady left, the service went down. It took a while to get someone to notice that we wanted something to drink- even when the glasses were empty. Nobody looked. The plates were taken, nobody asked if we wanted something else.

Two people I know, told me a couple of days before our Friday night, that they were disappointed about the food and service in the last couple of month.
I am on TripAdvisor for a some years and I write ratings. When I came home I checked the Bistro on that site and found similar ratings. I wrote one myself last night.

It was a nice night out in the company of friends. But I fear, I will not be invited to go to other restaurants with them. 

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