Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Matjes or young herring roll

This is the homemade version of the kind of salad you can buy at every supermarket in small plastic containers. But they are full of preservativs and not enough fish pieces.

I bought some young herring fillets at my local fishmonger and prepared the salad myself.
It is quick as a light lunch and goes great with warm bread or fresh rolls.

recipe for 2:
2 double matjes fillets
1 big white spring onion
2 curry spiced gherkins hot
2 stalks of fresh dill
100 g creme fraiche
salt and pepper

Pat the fillets dry and get some of the fish bones out. Cut into fine cubes.
Quarter the gherkins and chop them into cubes.
Fine slices from the onion, make some boiling water and let it run over the onion slices for 30 seconds.
Chop the dill and open the the creme fraiche and mix everything and season.

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