Sunday, 9 July 2017

Matcha Ice Cream - Dairy free

Since my trip to Japan I love Matcha ice cream. I ate different kinds during my stay there and was always surprised, that they were not overly sweet like ice cream you get in the western world.

Today it is still sweltering hot outside and I wanted some ice cream. But dressing up and getting in a hot car to drive to our Sicilian Ice Parlor was not so motivating. But I had the very few ingredients for this ice cream on hand. It is a no churn ice cream, but that would have set me back 3 hours, so I used my compressor ice maker and from start to finish it did take me 35 minutes.

I saw this recipe on TabiEats and decided to give it a try.

recipe for one serving:
1 good tsp Matcha tea powder
2 tbsp hot water
30 g marshmallows
120 ml coconut milk

Dissolve the Matcha in hot water and set aside.
In a small pot heat up the coconut milk with the marshmallows until they are melted completely.
Add the Matcha and stir well.

Put into a Tupperware container and freeze for 1 hour, stir and freeze for 2 hours more, then eat. Otherwise it will be to cristallize to enjoy.
Use a ice cream maker and fill the liquid in as it is and churn for 30 minutes.

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