Monday, 17 July 2017

Quinoa Chicken Mushroom Wrap

I wanted some more Quinoa, after this weekends Quinoa popcorn. I got a package at Lidl on the way back from work. I found the Turkish dueruem wraps there too.
I put a cup of the Quinoa in 3 times chicken stock and cooked it. This way it gets tasty and that works well with the other ingredients.

I peeled a couple of leaves of a head of cabbage and shredded it and cooked it in salted boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain and cooled down.
A package of mushrooms went in the pot next and the whole pot ended up as just a third of the pot.
Add some precooked chicken and fresh made cabbage salad on top of some Ayvar and you have a delicious wrap.

60 g quinoa
250 ml chicken stock
1 piece precooked  chicken
300 g button mushrooms
2 spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp oil
4 cabbage leaves
1 tbsp miracle whip olive oil
1 pinch of curry
Salt and pepper
3 tbsp ayvar

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