Sunday, 20 August 2017

Fried Onion Beer Bread

This bread is very tasty and strong onion flavoured. It goes great with all kinds of starters. It is a beer bread after all, so a snack with some beer sounds good to me. But I had it with Prosecco with mini tomatoes in.

The dough has to proof over night in the fridge. It is a bit dry and needs not much work after it comes out. Just make some sausage shaped breads and get them into the oven.

500 g bread flour Type 550
100 g flour Type 1050
40 g fresh yeast
350 - 375 ml beer
20 g honey
2 tsp salt
75 g fried onions

Bake at 220 C for 25 min. Brush with some water at the start of the baking.

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