Monday, 14 August 2017

My perfect dry aged Rumpsteak

I am not a huge fan of steak every day. Mostly the beef is to tough or to bloody for my taste. When I am in the mood to eat one, I look for high quality beef and I prefare dry aged meat. It has a more complex taste and is worth its price.
Eating nearly raw beef is not to my liking, so having a steak English or bleu is nothing for me. I feel as if I have to take a bite out of a living animal.
Beef in steak form well done is a no go, so I have to catch the right moment when I cook it. l rarely go out and eat some in a restaurant, they seldom get it the way I like it. I love the core temperature 58 C.

One other thing is important: a rumpsteak needs the right thickness. Often you get them as thin slices and that wont do.
A big piece of beef steak is lovely. I love the leftover piece to make either a steak sandwich with remoulade sauce and leafy greens or a salad. And I have a bit more the 120 g left of mine. I am looking forward to it!

I bought a 270 g piece of rumpsteak. It was thicker on one side -the shape of a very long Onigri.
I seasoned it with salt and oil and put it in a hot cast iron griddle pan.  4 min on each side. I the stuck a thermometer in and put it into the oven at 140 C fan.  It took 6 min to reach 58 C core temperature.  I shut the heat off and opened the oven door and let it rest for 5 min.
Served on a warm plate!

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