Monday, 28 August 2017

I made cheese again

I have not made cheese in a longer time. During the hot summer days it does not work. Now it is cooler and I found the special cow milk at the large supermarket.

When you start making cheese you have to save two days for it. Then you have to follow a strict way to make the cheese. It will take 36 hours until it goes into the fridge and then it has to rest and get better and better then.

I wanted to try my hand at adding things to the cheese like a French Affineur. That is someone who buys regular good quality cheeses and gives them a special treatment or adds some other things to the cheese.
Since I am overflown by tomatoes right now, I picked super tiny ones and had them in a pan with some white balsamic vinegar and sugar and I put the tomatoes in  one of my 4 cheeses later.
The other one is filled with a line of dried summer herbs.

They are finished with different kinds of salt, the tomato filled one is finished with a blend of Kampot and Szichuan pepper.

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